Crystal Healing

What is Sarine’s Crystal Healing, and how does it work?

I am a certified crystal healer in the tradition of Dauri Neumann. My crystal healing treatments are based on the notion that our bodies are capable of self-healing, and that different healing stones in combination with certain healing techniques have the power to activate and support the body’s self-healing.

I place different healing stones on and around your body (you stay fully clothed during the session). In addition, I often place my hands on different areas on the body where I see the need. The stones, the touch and the movements bring balance to the body, and thus: deep relaxation and harmony.

Often that relaxation and harmonizing the body is the healing itself. Sometimes bringing relaxation and harmony into the body is what is needed before the (self-)healing process can begin.

Since we all have different bodies, every session is highly individual. Even if I were to put the exact same stone in the exact same place on two different individuals, the outcome would be two different experiences. Actually: putting the same stone in the same place on one person on two different occasions is likely to result in two different experiences.

The common denominator is always the experience of deep relaxation, harmony and all-round wellbeing that comes with the treatment.


You can choose between 30 or 45 minutes of treatment. Both include counseling before and after the healing session. The difference between the two options? 30 minutes is a good time frame for a session to be effective. 45 minutes allow for that little extra something, it gives us the time to go deeper.


30 minutes/70€

45 minutes/100€


Please send your request for a time and date via private message on my facebook page Sarine’s Crystal Healing via eMail (sarine.turhede (at) I currently have the joy and privilege to be able to receive you at the spiritual retreat center Amritabha, in Ribeauvillé, France. I will be here until the end of September. Looking forward to seeing you!

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