These past few days have been deeply beautiful and fulfilling – light festival at Amritabha (which was also the 20 year anniversary of the seminar center), and two photo gigs. What moves me the most these days is how easy it is to feel our heart to heart connections. Whether we’ve know each other for decades, have briefly met a few times, gone through intense experiences together or are meeting for the very first time – it makes no difference.

Some encounters turn into more, others stay what they are, moments of shared space that dissolves as we part. Again, it makes no difference, it all feels so true, so close, and so right. And it’s the most beautiful thing to me that I feel like it’s not just me. That we’re connected is nothing new but right now it’s clearly not just a theory – it is. We’re connected, not bound to each other. I think that’s called love.

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