• Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

    Glauberg Celtic Museum

    Today my mom took me to see the Glauberg Celtic Museum that opened a few years ago. I have to admit that I am actually not that much into museums. I know you’re „supposed to“ but somehow I just lack the patience for it. This one I really enjoyed though, however mostly because of the cool architecture of the building. The exhibition itself was interesting, too (I had no idea that there used to be Celts living in this neck of the woods). The most fascinating part for me actually being how little is known about the Celts. Here’s a link to the museum’s homepage, unfortunately – and somewhat surprisingly German only. Apparently the success of the museum – the most popular one in the state of Hessen, and Frankfurt has some really neat and prestigious ones! – was not anticipated, so I guess that accounts for the lack.

    Oh yeah, here are some pix – would have liked sunshine but now I actually think the slight fogginess is just right.

    Love the rust surface – perfect with the colors of the landscape.
    I suspect they do some neat lighting of the building at night.
    Must be cool sitting out there in the summer time.
    Neat that you canclimb up onto the Roof top, too. Not really sure what those poles mean – not sure whether anyone knows, either.
    Really amazing how such a massive building can blend in so well in the landscape (well, ok, it doesn’t really in this pic but it really does!).


    View from the Café – more amazing in reality, duh.