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    Life | Work in progress

    The original purpose of this blog was to document and share my journey as a soul-searcher. I think the main reason I haven’t done that lately (apart from the fact that our internet situation is still kind of a non-situation and I haven’t felt like staying at the office just so that I can spend more time by the computer) is that some things are still too new and fragile to share yet. I need to manifest and live them before I can share them. Does that make sense?

    But spiritual growth for me is nothing separate from physical growth, and I see our garden as a big part of what I want to accomplish in this life. So lately I have been thinking that I want to document that part more, even if it’s just to be able to see how things evolve from one year to the next.

    Last year, our first, felt like a struggle. I was working full-time, and often felt too exhausted to want to o anything at all after work. We picked the heaviest, most clayey spot on our entire land to grow vegetables on, and nothing much grew besides potatoes. This year we’re only growing potatoes on it – and we dug out another bed (much better soil) where we grow other veggies.

    We built a greenhouse last year, and the tomatoes and squash grew into a jungle. The cucumbers died, we watered them with cold water. I made tomato chutney and jam, and lots of squash cheesecake. At the end of the season I got hold of another (a „real“ greenhouse) through the Swedish equivalent to craigslist. The previous owners sold it for next to nothing because a storm had destroyed a lot of the glass. So this year we have two green-houses.

    The tomatoes I pre-grew all died because I didn’t think to harden them before planting them into the green-house. Luckily, a much more experienced gardening-enthusiast down the street sold their excess tomato plants. That way I even got hold of a couple of exotic specimens they had brought home from a vacation. No suqash this year, I simply forgot to pre-grow it. Cucumbers, though, and melons!

    We have been talking about chickens, too. Haven’t gotten further than getting books from the library, though. That’s one of the things that I like about gardening (besides lovely „free“, organic food): there will always be another chance, another spring, another summer, more time to grow.

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    The great indoors


    While I have been dreaming of the real deal, these little guys here on our window sill and dining table have plotted a plan to take over the kitchen. Looks like they’re succeeding, too.

    To think that an itty-bitty little seed i put into the soil would grow into something like this!
    Yeah, I know: should have gotten some sticks or something to tie these puppies to so they’d grow nice and straight up. They seem to manage though.
    Since we had a really long winter this year, I was late prepping. They’re only blossoming just now but I haven’t given up hoping they might turn into tomatoes before the end of the season …
    Read that planting tomatoes and basil together makes for a good combination, they complement each other or something. Well, They’re not technically planted together but this is working out just fine, don’t you think?
    I smell pesto!
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    Spring on the inside

    The gray has been following me – when I was in Germany it was sunny at home (and gray in Germany), now that I am back, it’s graygraygray with – no kidding – snow (well, that was yesterday, but still). We’re not ones to give up so easily, though, so if Muhammed won’t come to the mountain (is that even how you say it in English or is this Swenglish?) …

    Peter recently bought an air humidifier, since the air in our apartment is so dry we always wake up with what feels like a desert in our mouths. It was crap so he returned it and found something way cooler: plants that do the trick. Now, I don’t know what they’re called and so far I cannot claim that I can feel a difference but it definitely gives the apartment a more homely feel, don’t you think?

    Disclaimer: I did not pick most of these plant pots, so I refuse to be held accountable for any possible ugliness (guess which one I really want to get rid off).

    The mint has been keeping up the spirit despite the grayness – maybe it’s the coffee grounds Peter has been feeding it with.


    This is what the kitchen looked like this morning:


    Bought some lavender yesterday. The girl at the flower stand told me I should put it in hot water. She told me the same about a gerbera I purchased. Never heard of this before – maybe there is such a thing as „trends“ in plant watering? Do you know anything about this? Anyway, the lavender:

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    A little more wow

    This is what it looks like where I take walks.

    Nice winter coat, Mr. Rock!
    Moss looks good on pretty much anything, don’t you think?
    Great to look at, a pain to walk on … today I did both.
    OK, now I didn’t walk on THAT. Luckily, the ground had thawed in some parts. We actually met someone on their mountain bike – hope he came down the hill the way he wanted to …
    We saw a couple of those around the lake – guerrilla bird feeding? Yes, that’s an old milk carton.