Ayurveda on eating disorders

A lot has been going on. It's hard to put in words, I have been re-writing this sentence several times now. Part of me wants to tell the whole story, another part doesn't think it's relevant for anyone but me (maybe that's true, or maybe that's just the part talking that is reluctant to show … Continue reading Ayurveda on eating disorders


Ginger – my best f(r)iend

After having had the most horrible stomach aches after pretty much every meal for two weeks now, I finally seem to have found the root of all evil: my beloved ginger!? First off, yes, I am aware of the irony of me being on such a health trip, and at the same time not really … Continue reading Ginger – my best f(r)iend

What’s your morning routine?

Do you get up just in time to throw on some clothes, leave for work, and maybe grab some coffee on the way? Do you get up early so you can take your time and wake up slowly, read the paper, and eat breakfast at home? What does your morning look like? I have always … Continue reading What’s your morning routine?

Which is your dominant dosha?

Here comes some of that "basic Ayurveda stuff" I have been meaning to write about. I have been using terms such as "Pitta", "dosha" and "dominant dosha" without actually explaining them. Maybe you've looked them up yourself, maybe you just overread them. The ten pairs of gunas Ayurveda is much about qualities (gunas) of things, … Continue reading Which is your dominant dosha?

Quick home-made Ayurvedic herbal tea

The Ayurveda book that I like the most out of the bunch I picked up at the library is Judith H. Morrison's The Book of Ayurveda. It gives a great overview over pretty much all aspects of life, has lots of info boxes and lists, which appeals to me. I found a simple recipe for … Continue reading Quick home-made Ayurvedic herbal tea