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    Smultronstället | Sigtuna

    Well, I am back. This past week was actually less stressful than I had anticipated. I think me and the other P. A. were actually the only ones with any free time at that convention. Here are some pix from Sigtuna (which was actually a charming little town, it’s close to the Arlanda airport, just in case you ever find yourself coming through there).

    The main street. Lots of exclusive boutiques and cozy cafés. No Lidl around here, that’s for sure.

    This was actually one of those cozy little cafés (rather: the coziest of them all). It was called „Tant Brun“, which means „Aunt Brown“. Everything was homemade, too.
    Looks like a church – it’s the town hall, though.
    This café/gallery along with a few other places were still closed. Guess tourist season hasn’t quite begun yet.
    I was obsessed with the sky (and taking pictures of it) that day. Just look at it!
    This building was part of the vandrahem/folkhögskola (sort of like a hostel but with a much better standard) where we stayed.

    Smultron = tiny type of wild strawberries. Smultronstället = literally a wild strawberry patch but it’s also an idiom for a sort of „treasure“ place that is little known or underrated.

    I can’t believe Tuesday will be my last day of work!?! When did that happen???