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    Meine Woche in Bildern

    Voilà. Einrichten und Einleben, online dating, Dhuni.

    Spaziergang im Wald // Walk in the forest
    Endlich einen Lippenstift gefunden, der nicht nach 3 Sekunden verschwindet. (Gelernt: Es sind die fettbasierten, die halten! Danke, Sevda, für den Tip :-*) // Finally found a lipstick that lasts longer than 3 seconds. (Learned that it’s the fat-based ones that stick. Thank you, Sevda, for the tip!)
    Neue Musik entdeckt // Discovered new music
    Baum-Selfie // Tree selfie
    <3 <3 <3


    Habe versehentlich Plastikpflanzen fürs Bad gekauft. Aber wie soll ich das in einem Blumenladen ahnen! Sie dürfen trotzdem bleiben. // Accidentally bought plastic plants – but how was I supposed to figure that, it was a flower store!? I decided to let them stay.
    A propos was ganz anderes: ich habe mir ein Online-Dating-Profil zugelegt. Muss sagen, es ist sehr interessant, was ich dabei über mich und andere lerne. // Speaking of something completely different: got myself an online dating profil. I have to say it’s pretty fascinating what I am learning about myself and others.
    Erster Sonntag im Monat – Dhuni. War schön, wie immer. D. h., es muss noch besser gewesen sein als sonst, denn ich habe kein Croissant abbekommen und war trotzdem zufrieden! 😛 // First Sunday of the month means Dhuni. Loved it, as always. But it must have been a really good one because I didn’t get a croissant and I was still loving it. So, that’s how great it was.
    Habe Gardinen in zwei der Gästezimmern angebracht. Passen zu der schönen Bettwäsche, die eine Kollegin zu Weihnachten gekauft hatte. Und ja, sie stammen von dem gelb-blauen Möbelhaus und es fällt mir schwer, mir einen Witz zu verkneifen, dass unsere Gäste jetzt hinter schwedischen Gardinen schlafen … // Put up new curtains in two of the guest rooms. They match the lovely bed sheets a colleague gave us as a Christmas gift.
    Wieder bei mir. // Back to my place.
    2019-03-03 17.32.31
    Die Zeichnung hat auch endlich einen Rahmen bekommen. // This drawing finally got a frame, too.
    2019-03-03 17.32.55
    War als Teenie großer Calvin & Hobbes-Fan und habe diesen Hobbes mit ca. 18 aus Papiermaché gemacht. // Was a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan as a teen. Made this Hobbes from paper maché when I was about 18.
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    Hey there love bugs!

    Today I want to share some of my recent drawings. Is it just me or do you, too, have different creative channels, and do you switch between them for different periods of time? Not writing much these days, just my morning pages to align my intentions with my focus for the day. Otherwise I have no real desire for words at the moment. Enjoying drawing a lot more right now. I love how it comes straight from the heart, no detours via the mind. Plus, it surprises me every time – I never know what I’ll draw until it’s there on the paper.

    So, enough with the talking. Here they are, in no particular order:


    I create my own flow from my heart’s desires and everything life hands me.
    I see myself. Only those who see and understand themselves can see and understand others.
    My Soul Flower
    Reconciliation between our human and our divine aspects
    Been listening to Tori Amos‘ Native Invader a lot lately. The other day this drawing appeared on the page before me as I was listening to Cloud Riders.


    What do you see? (I’ve already heard „shrimp“ … )
    When I posted this on Instagram and Facebook the other day, I was a little iffy about it. Thought it only meant something to me. Judging from your reactions, I was mistaken. That’s the point, right? The things that move ourselves deeply are the ones that touch others.
    Rest, recharge, relax
    A flower I drew with the intention of healing the pain I sometimes feel over the (seeming) separation from God. Sometimes I feel like I just made the big boss up in my head …
    My I Can Do It Flower. I am the one who gets to make my life beautiful.




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    Miranda July

    Those of you who are as crazy about Miranda July as I am – you can probably skip this. Those of you who don’t know who that is – here is the newsletter I (along with everybody else who signed up for it) received. I am sharing it here hoping it will make you as crazy about MJ as I am:


    You are getting this email because you signed up for my mailing list at mirandajuly.com. You might have signed up a long time ago and now you are finally getting something, years later. Or you might have just signed up like four seconds ago and, boom, here I am writing you already and you’re thinking I’ll probably be writing you all the time — not the case! I almost never do this. Only when there is something I think you’ll really like. And when I remember that the mailing list exists.

    I think you’ll really like this: wethinkalone.com
    You go there and sign up (yet again!) and then for the next twenty weeks you will get something pretty extravagant in your inbox every Monday.


    As for the rest of life, things are going well (it just occurred to me maybe I should write some more newslettery type things to make this a real newsletter.)  I’m writing a novel, I just got a haircut, a tad too short. I’m doing a reading at The University of Tampa on Saturday, you can go if you live there. I just visited my family in Berkeley over the weekend. Who exactly am I writing to here? It’s hard to know how specific or vague to be. Have had a little trouble sleeping. Been going heavy on the almond butter. Like to bathe. Can’t sing. Getting older.

    give my love to the family,


    Needless to say I signed up for that one, too. And oh yeah: Looks like a trip to Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall is in order …