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    Archie’s first Christmas | Photo Journal

    EN – So this was Christmas. We spent Christmas morning in the tree house, drinking coffee, eating saffrons buns and exchanging gifts of course. Later that day we went to Jason’s parents for a fun and yummy Christmas dinner.

    DE – Das war also Weihnachten. Wir verbrachten den Vormittag (also am 25.) im Baumhaus, mit Kaffee, Safransgebäck und natürlich Geschenkeauspacken. Danach ging’s zu einem sehr leckeren und entspannten Weihnachtsessen bei Jasons Eltern.

    SV – Det var alltså Jul. Vi tillbringade morgonen (den 25 dvs) i trädkojan, med kaffe saffransbullar och julklapparna så klart. Senare den dagen åkte vi till Jasons föräldrar som höll i en väldigt trevlig Julmiddag.


    Frida & Archie


    Frida & Baxter
    Jason & Archie


    Archie with grandma Beverly
    Uncle Loyd


    Jason with Archie, uncle Lloyd, Jason’s dad Cedric
    Archie with „auntie“ Jenny


    Jason, Archie and Tina


    Uncle Lloyd and Cedric


  • Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Reisen

    Tadaah! – Get your very own personalized crystal oracle

    Ok everybody, this is it – I have reached the point where I admitted to myself that spending more hours trying to create the perfect banner for my etsy shop would just be plain old procrastination. „Perfect“ lives in Nevererverland, at least when it comes to looks.

    It’s really time to allow myself to share with you what is deeper than the perfect look, something I am very proud of as it is today: my personalized crystal readings. I have been doing them for myself for a while now, and sharing them on Instagram as @sarinescrystaloracle. Very excited to be doing them for you (or someone special to you) personally now!

    So without further ado, here it is!

    A part of me cringes at the idea of adding a phrase that’s meant to encourage you to buy this as a Christmas gift. But dangit, I do love getting and giving Christmas presents, and I can’t think of anything more fun AND useful than the gift of self-discovery. So if I weren’t doing these oracles myself, I’d be my own best customer, haha.

    Joy to the world!