• Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

    More than words

    Today started out …

    … pancakey.

    I wasn’t very patient with the camera here, so it’s a little hard to see but …

    … I hope you do see that THERE WAS A LITTLE FLOWER IN MY TEA.

    Later my day turned …

    … outdoorsy. Met up with La at Trädgårdsföreningen. Couldn’t get over how nice it was with the sun out and all.

    And it ended …

    … kladdkaka-y. At Dina’s. My second mud cake this week. The chocolatey tastiness was preceded by a most delicious dinner. Thanks, Dina!

    Lucky (imagine me saying with a Napoleon Dynamite intonation).

  • Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

    Recipe – Angie’s Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

    It is as divinely delicious as it sounds – and it’s gluten-free! I’d also like to think that it has to do with Ayurveda in so far as Ayurveda is all about pursuing happiness. This cake definitely made me happy. I am spoiled when it comes to mushy chocolate cakes since I live in Sweden. Swedish kladdkaka (mud cake) is the best, in case you didn’t know. I am very patriotic (or whatever it is called when a foreigner is that) that way. I am just telling you this so you fully comprehend what I am saying when I say the following: Angie’s Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake is the best muddy chocolate cake I have made/eaten. Ever.

    Just the way I like my chocolate cake: chewy on the outside …
    … and real muddy in the center.
    And did I mention that it’s real hazelnutty, too?