Living the country life

I am back from another trip. More inspired than ever! I do apologize, though, to certain friends (Lisa, you know who you are) who worried my offline-ness might translate to "something bad happened". Note to self: in the time and age of "There is no offline, there is only away from keyboard", announce any awol … Continue reading Living the country life


No poo – tested for you

Well, ok, it wasn't a completely selfless act, I do dig these kind of diys. I have been meaning to write this post since last Wednesday (that's when I tried some recipes) but I wanted to wait till I had some pictures. As most of the times, I am not completely happy with them but … Continue reading No poo – tested for you

Spring cleaning pt. 3

Mission completed! I did enough to be able to abandon this project, and show some after pictures that don't reveal everything I didn't do. Success! Oh yeah, and I tried out some more no poo methods which I now can recommend with a clean conscience.     I cleaned the stove according to this recipe: … Continue reading Spring cleaning pt. 3

Spring cleaning pt. 2

Although I didn't get as far as I had hoped, I still got the chance to try out some no poo cleaning techniques - and can therefore make some actual recommendations: Oil and a mix of vinegar, water and lemon (roughly equal parts) turned out to be my best cleaning friends, I didn't use much … Continue reading Spring cleaning pt. 2

No poo for everything!

I promised recipes and diys - so here we go. This morning, a chain of events (trying out another Ayurveda recommendation, massaging my skin with oil - taking a shower - greasy bathtub) led to me seeing the necessity to clean the bathtub right away. After having read and thought about the whole no poo … Continue reading No poo for everything!

No Poo!

If you can't eat it, you probably shouldn't put it on your skin, either. That's the philosophy behind "No Poo", which obviously both stands for "no shampoo" and/or shampoo without "poo". I learned about No Poo in the current issue of åter (meaning "back", "backwards", "again"), a Swedish magazine about self-sufficiency and alternative life styles. … Continue reading No Poo!