Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

A house of one’s own

Why even pretend to be modest. No, I don’t just want a room of my own, I want a house. Right now I have neither (who invented this bedroom-living-room situation for couples anyway?). What I do have is access to, a website where you can check out on a map which houses are for sale here in Sweden. I haven’t indulged in this kind of reverie in a while but Peter’s return from a visit to friends of ours who do live on the country-side, and most of all: the enthusiasm in his voice when he talked about it, led me back there. Who knows, maybe one of these is our future home???

It’s address is Solbergavägen – this must be fate!
Don’t care too much for the blue but this would do, too.
Classic Swedish red house – and I love those kind of porches.


While I am dreaming anyway: why not this one???

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