Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg


On the menu today: inquiries about jobs and bank loans. Important but not as pleasant as the trip La and I went on last week. Probably our favorite destination here in Gothenburg: the southern archipelago.

Beautiful, featherlike pasture
Like a down blanket exploded all over the island. In a pretty way.
Couldn’t get enough of these guys.
Which was fine, they were everywhere anyway.
So were these fellas.
They were helpful, too: pointing us to a future home for La …
I wouldn’t mind having a friend who lives here!
Nothing wrong with that view. OK, we can lose the clouds – but we have sunshine in our hearts, so no biggie.
Yup, same day, same island, same sky. But what a difference!
So much beauty all around …
… here …
… and here …
… and here.
Just follow the fluffy white road.

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