Heliotrope | Sarine’s Crystal Oracle

deutsch A vision needs grounding, and life here on earth is so much more fulfilling if it is guided by a vision. It's good to have dreams and visions for your life. It means that you are connected with your origin, your heaven. Just remember that the bigger your dreams, or rather: the stronger your … Continue reading Heliotrope | Sarine’s Crystal Oracle


A path into light

It's been two years on this day that I completed a seminar on finding yourself, and your purpose in this life. My expectations, which were pretty high, were surpassed. I gained a lot of insights about myself and life in general during the seminar. To this day these insights keep unfolding even more, my understanding … Continue reading A path into light

On blogging again

So. I guess I'm blogging again. Yay! How terrifying! There has been an ongoing internal debate over the past weeks (months?!) on that issue. 1. whether or not to blog at all, 2: if so, why and why now, 3: what and what not, and finally: how to begin. In case you are a more … Continue reading On blogging again