Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

Day 2 | After

Obviously not much point in a before pic – see yesterday’s after.

I am actually quite content right now with the progress, which is not how I felt yesterday and this morning when I woke up. It seemed like my goal to get this entire move over with before my birthday (this upcoming Sunday) was completely insane, and as usual, when I cannot meet my completely unrealistic expectations, instead of adjusting them I felt like a failure.

Somehow things flowed today, though, and all we have left to do now is clear out the kitchen and the balcony, and clean everything. If we get the last of the packing done tomorrow, we have Thursday and maybe even Friday for the cleaning. That doesn’t seem so crazy, does it?

I am super-grateful for help we’ve been offered from Peter’s brother. Renting trucks to pick up here and leave there is insanely expensive, so Peter’s ever so resourceful mom came up with the genius idea of renting a truck at rent-a-wreck in Sundsvall, having Felix drive it down here, and the three of us driving the truck with our stuff and our car back up the next day. That way it’ll all be done in one fell swoop. I am almost a little in shock that Felix agreed to do this – I am really not digging the whole moving thing, and frankly I wouldn’t even help myself if I had that option. And I don’t even have to go to work right now!? So, really grateful, and I hope Felix will never move because we owe him big time after this …

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