Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

No more wall flowers | Before & After

Is it just me being removed from the world the internet most of the time, or has the dingdinginess of the world been cranked to the max?

I was planning on using my online time writing and posting something here but you know I just had to check fb „real quick“ first. We all know how that goes, and it seems that when you’ve been cyber-celibate for several day, the amount of time lost increases exponentially …

So, with my head still buzzing with Bayer suing bees, no wait, the EU, and Monsanto being awarded the Nobel Prize for Agriculture, and health benefits of Napoleon Dynamite pumpkin carvings, I am leaving you with another one of these little hang-in-there-a-real-post-is-coming-but-for-nor-it-was-this-or-nothing posts: namely a before and after-but-obviously-not-completely-finished of our living room.

The wallpaper looks deceptively less terrible than it actually is – all the white space is really some plastic glitter stuff – yuck!



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