Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

Update from under the rock

Well hello there! Nice of you to still stop by here, even though not much has been going on. Talk about commitment. I appreciate it. It’s not just the blog I have been neglecting but pretty much all things internetty – and computery, for that matter. I remember how, in the beginning, I drove to the library as often as I could to check my e-mail. After a while, I only went online when I happened to be at someone’s house and had access. Last week I took my laptop with me to work (yes, I have that now) every day, and it always ended with „Nah, I can do it tomorrow“.

What do I do with the abundance of time I surely must have you ask? It actually doesn’t feel like I have more time, it’s more that I am starting to ask myself how I used to make the time to do all this computering. Clicking, right-clicking, sending e-mails, receiving e-mails. Yes, that’s an IT Crowd reference, but maybe this only proves how not up to speed I am. I have no idea what pop cultural references one is to use these days when making a desperate attempt to prove that one is still in.

But I do do stuff. Like I already mentioned: I have gone into the working business. Meaning, I get paid now for the stuff I do. I love it, not just the getting-paid-part but the stuff I do, the people I meet, my actual work place. It feels a little bit like working at a castle where you are the queen and the servant at the same time. The „castle“ is very pretty. I am still adjusting to the whole 9 to 5 (in this case 9 to 5 is 8 to 5) thing, which I haven’t had in a long time. Also the contrast between life at work and life at home couldn’t be greater, so that takes some getting used to, too. I am very excited to be part of this ride, and grateful for everything I am learning – which is a lot.

One of things I do when I am not computering or getting used to having a „real“ job is adoring and laughing at Oden and Freya. No, not the old Nordic god and goddess – our kittens that moved in last week. They are hilarious, almost potty-trained (somewhat inconveniently the only place they empty their bladder besides their litter box is our bed, preferably right before I want to go lay down in it) and fast as lightning. Maybe Oden is really a Thor … Anyway, so far I have not been able to take pictures of them where they are recognizable as felines. I am on it, though, since my sister insists that „If you don’t have pix, it didn’t happen“. You internet people …

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