Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

Catching up

I am spending the day at my mother-in-law, trying to get some internet stuff done. Yup, we’re still doing the 56k modem thing at home …

Usually, being behind on things (i. e. e-mails, blogging, uploading pictures, …) makes me not want to do them. Apparently today is different. Maybe that’s because I actually got some stuff done that I’ve been putting off for a while. My list of accomplishments so far today:

  • Created a hosting account on WWOOF
  • Uploaded some pix. Not having taken a lot these past months made it kind of easy to do that (check out hwhat I did with the sofa and the lamp in the kitchen, and Freya and Oden).
  • Finally sent out the last (I think) notifications about my change of address to different institutions and organizations which I have so little to do with that I kept forgetting to notify them.
  • Researched the best way to get from here to a wedding in Germany in May (via Bremen!) – still in the booking process, something’s wrong with my credit card.

Hm, seeing it spelled out in front of me, it suddenly doesn’t look all that impressive anymore. Oh well, it sure took me long enough, and especially the WWOOF-profile and the wedding are things I am super-excited about!

So here come the pix:

I just realized there’s like six pillows missing at this stage of the process. The box on the floor: Oden’s and Freya’s. They’re getting too big for the „windows“, which makes it hilarious to watch them go in and out.


So funny how they like to lie each on one side of the heater in our bedroom.


Soft kitty, warm kitty …





View of our house as seen from the mailbox.


View from behind our house.



We actually got started tearing up the flooring in the barn. Finally. I want to turn this into a guest house, peter wants a workshop. Suggestions for a compromise, anyone?


Snow smile.



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