Loslassen. Auf neues einlassen. Repeat

Hallo Ihr Lieben, es ist mal wieder Zeit für ein Update hier. Ich habe ja immer wieder Phasen, wo ich mich aus der online-Kommunikation zurück ziehe. Meistens, weil ich mittendrin in etwas bin und sozusagen die Geschichte erstmal erleben möchte, bevor ich sie erzähle. So auch dieses Mal. Am Sonntag kam dann der Moment, wo […]

On abundance

I have been thinking about money a lot lately. Or rather: I have been observing the way I think about money, and how I handle money. Three things have triggered this sudden interest: First off, I am at my grandparents‘ house, and a lot of family-related issues have surfaced since my arrival, the importance of […]

On choices

As some of you know, I have lived a pretty secluded life over the past few years. House on the Swedish countryside, no internet at home, limited cell phone use, long distances to my friends and not very travel-friendly (or super travel-friendly, depending on how you look at it – pretty much every outing was […]