deutsch Hey there love bugs! Today I want to share some of my recent drawings. Is it just me or do you, too, have different creative channels, and do you switch between them for different periods of time? Not writing much these days, just my morning pages to align my intentions with my focus for … Continue reading Drawings


Releasing blockages, activating potentials | Crystal healing

deutsch svenska Releasing mental and physical blockages with the help of crystals Crystals are highly effective tools for getting in touch with the subconscious. More specifically, we can use crystals to send orders to our subconscious, which means we can use them to release mental and physical blockages. Conversely, crystals are also a great way … Continue reading Releasing blockages, activating potentials | Crystal healing

Lösa blockader, aktivera potentialer | Kristallhealing

deutsch English Lösa mentala och fysiska blockader med hjälp av kristaller Kristaller är otroligt effektiva verktyg för att komma i kontakt med det undermedvetna. Närmare sagt kan vi använda kristaller för att ge uppdrag åt vårt undermedvetna, vilket innebär att vi kan använda dem för att lösa mentala och fysiska blockeringar. Åt andra hållet är … Continue reading Lösa blockader, aktivera potentialer | Kristallhealing

On the home within

deutsch I have been thinking about how I wanted to make my blog a travel blog and post pictures of the places I'm visiting, and talk about my adventures. And I think that's where a misconception entered the stage: I suddenly had this idea that I couldn't talk about what was really going on with … Continue reading On the home within

Heliotrope | Sarine’s Crystal Oracle

deutsch A vision needs grounding, and life here on earth is so much more fulfilling if it is guided by a vision. It's good to have dreams and visions for your life. It means that you are connected with your origin, your heaven. Just remember that the bigger your dreams, or rather: the stronger your … Continue reading Heliotrope | Sarine’s Crystal Oracle

Lemurian Crystal Healing | Part 2

It would be misleading to claim that my experience of the Lemurian Crystal Seminar reflects anything other than, well, my experience. Therefore I want to complement yesterday's post with a few things to give you a better picture of what you're in for if you are considering Dauri's Lemurian Crystal Seminar (or her Crystal Healer … Continue reading Lemurian Crystal Healing | Part 2

Lemurian Crystal Healing | Part 1

With everything that I had going on up until the last minute of my stay at my grandparents' house, I suddenly arrived in Landskrona, Sweden, realizing that I hadn't spent a single thought on the Lemurian Crystal Healing seminar. The one that I was going to participate in. Like, the next day. Usually I spend … Continue reading Lemurian Crystal Healing | Part 1