• Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

    Northern gardening lesson #1: Pregrow everything

    This is my second year growing stuff on actual soil, not just a balcony and a kitchen window sill. Last year’s lesson: pregrow EVERYTHING. I learned that one by not pregrowing anything except for tomatoes. And those still didn’t ripen fast enough before it got too cold. In my defense, we talked to our neighbors before getting started, and they all said that they never pregrow anything, they plant right in the soil. The rule of thumb up here is not to plant before the summer solstice (21 June), since it can still get below freezing before that (doesn’t happen often but still). That’s cold, man! And obviously summer doesn’t last longer around here just because it starts late, so … you get the picture.

    I label the seedbeds with washi tape. I’m even smart enough to mark the seedbed AND the lid, since, you know, you can put the lid on two ways but that don’t mean the seeds switch place, too …

    So yesterday I planted 192 plus seeds – melon, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, egg plants, the works. Excited to see what lessons this year has in store for me. If I had to guess now it could be: don’t let your cats use the land you want to grow food on as a litter box during the winter if you don’t want them to do their business there during the summer … But hey, I might be wrong.

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    Boho bedroom curtains

    I keep hoarding fabric – luckily, I am also still riding that wave where I keep making stuff.

    About a third of last week’s bounty. The other day I decided the only reason for me to be allowed inside a thrift store for the rest of the month is to drop off stuff, not to drag home more. We’ll see how long I can last …

    My most recent project: curtains for the second bedroom window.

    I used these (thrifted, what else) as inspiration.
    My idea was that if the two curtains had the same shape, I would be ok with the fact that they have different patterns/colors (I like having pairs of two, it’s a feng shui hang-up I guess).
    Well, as you can see, the curtain I made myself doesn’t quite have the same shape as the original. The half-circle simply turned out too long, covering too much of the window. So the crocheted strings to tie things up was my lazy-fix.
    Maybe this type of crochet-lacing is becoming my signature or something – I did it on the curtains for the closet, too.

    After initially worrying I might have gone too far with this one (too much going on, pattern-, color-, crochet-trimming-wise), I realized that I really do like the over-the-top-too-much-ness of it. I guess it’s officially time I fess up: I really dig having too much of everything when it comes to mixing colors and patterns, styles/crafting techniques. In fact, it’s barely enough.

    Speaking of too much is never enough: I can never have enough plants, either.

    My excuse for buying these guys was that they were compensation for Peter’s plants, which have been mutilated by Oden and Freya (our cats, not the god/godess their named after).
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    Spring on the inside

    The gray has been following me – when I was in Germany it was sunny at home (and gray in Germany), now that I am back, it’s graygraygray with – no kidding – snow (well, that was yesterday, but still). We’re not ones to give up so easily, though, so if Muhammed won’t come to the mountain (is that even how you say it in English or is this Swenglish?) …

    Peter recently bought an air humidifier, since the air in our apartment is so dry we always wake up with what feels like a desert in our mouths. It was crap so he returned it and found something way cooler: plants that do the trick. Now, I don’t know what they’re called and so far I cannot claim that I can feel a difference but it definitely gives the apartment a more homely feel, don’t you think?

    Disclaimer: I did not pick most of these plant pots, so I refuse to be held accountable for any possible ugliness (guess which one I really want to get rid off).

    The mint has been keeping up the spirit despite the grayness – maybe it’s the coffee grounds Peter has been feeding it with.


    This is what the kitchen looked like this morning:


    Bought some lavender yesterday. The girl at the flower stand told me I should put it in hot water. She told me the same about a gerbera I purchased. Never heard of this before – maybe there is such a thing as „trends“ in plant watering? Do you know anything about this? Anyway, the lavender:

  • Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

    Plant life | Nomad daffodils

    When I looked out onto the balcony yesterday, the daffodils had gotten a little sad over night. So I took them in …


    There, there, nice and cozy on the bedroom window sill.

    … and today …

    … happy! Please disregard the dirty window – it’s what I’ve been doing, too.

    Wishing you a good start into this week. Let the sunshine in.