Couldn’t stop myself from searching for a How To on these puppies.

Picture via.

I found this one on Knittastic. No idea when or if I’ll get around to this …

PS: I know I am behind on this trend but I am slow that way. I always have to go through the process of 1. rejecting the hype, 2. getting used to it, 3. liking it just in time for everyone else to have moved on to something else (at which point the process starts all over).


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    They look really nice, I’ve spotted them in magazines before! Good luck xx

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      Thanks, Clementine! I bet you have. Like I wrote – I am slow catching up on what’s hot. :-S

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        That’s fine though, it has to come from your own heart, or you won’t like it!

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          So true!

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    Birte says:

    Feel free to knit me one of those even without any holidays coming up!

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