Spiritual hairdresser Shakandra | Photography | Behind the scenes

Auf deutsch? Bitte nach unten scrollen. EN - Here is a little behind the scenes from the photo session with spiritual hairdresser Shakandra Weinberg and model Gaelle. I always feel that every photo session is my favorite and my best. And so I do about this one. Some might say despite the fact that the … Continue reading Spiritual hairdresser Shakandra | Photography | Behind the scenes


Heliotrope | Sarine’s Crystal Oracle

deutsch A vision needs grounding, and life here on earth is so much more fulfilling if it is guided by a vision. It's good to have dreams and visions for your life. It means that you are connected with your origin, your heaven. Just remember that the bigger your dreams, or rather: the stronger your … Continue reading Heliotrope | Sarine’s Crystal Oracle

Doing it anyway| Amritabha new moon theme: Accepting your power

Accepting your own power is this new moon cycle's theme here at Amritabha. And it's really got me going on all levels. It figures, since you can't accept your power "just a little bit". Either you're doing it or you're not. Daring to accept your power doesn't mean everything will run smoothly once you made … Continue reading Doing it anyway| Amritabha new moon theme: Accepting your power

No excuses | Accepting your power

DE - Hier könnt ihr meinen aktuellen Beitrag zum Amritabha-Monatsthema - Begegne deiner Kraft - auf deutsch lesen. Und hier auf englisch: EN - Creating from a state of perfection the theme of this past new moon cycle here at Amritabha. Meeting and accepting our power is the step that follows organically. My own being, … Continue reading No excuses | Accepting your power

On pioneers of happiness

When I look around, I see plenty of people who are proof that it's not only possible to combine love and success. I see that it is exactly the pursuit of their passion that is being rewarded. I am not talking about celebrities, I believe those are another story. I am talking about pioneers of … Continue reading On pioneers of happiness

More on abundance

I am still thinking a lot about the whole abundance thing. No matter what angle I look at it from, and no matter in what form or what area of my life I experience it, I always come to one conclusion: it's everything. It's the key to everything and anything we desire in life. It's … Continue reading More on abundance

Here and now…ish

I am writing again. Journaling, letters, something that could turn into a novel - and here. All thanks to Julia Cameron's The Right To Write - or thanks to my friend A., who lent me TRTW? Or thanks to the book launch of another friend that made me want to write again? Or maybe thanks … Continue reading Here and now…ish

Life | Work in progress

The original purpose of this blog was to document and share my journey as a soul-searcher. I think the main reason I haven't done that lately (apart from the fact that our internet situation is still kind of a non-situation and I haven't felt like staying at the office just so that I can spend … Continue reading Life | Work in progress

Boho bedroom curtains

I keep hoarding fabric - luckily, I am also still riding that wave where I keep making stuff. My most recent project: curtains for the second bedroom window. After initially worrying I might have gone too far with this one (too much going on, pattern-, color-, crochet-trimming-wise), I realized that I really do like the … Continue reading Boho bedroom curtains