Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

Happy B-Day, me!

I spent the entire day in a car, which is not really how I had planned it but the important part is: I was at our new home before the end of the day.

This sunrise greeted me when I got up that morning:

Quite the appropriate start, don’t you think?

Something really strange and amazing happened to me on the way: There are several ways to choose to our new place for the last few miles. I ended up choosing the one that felt most familiar, which turned out to lead me into driving through complete darkness in the woods. I barely saw the dirt road ahead of me, the view in the rear mirror: pitch black. I felt like I was in a David Lynch movie. I got a little scared, and then a thought popped into my head: what if I was in the middle of some sort of real life metaphor? My old life was clearly behind me, no point in looking back but my new life was still something unknown. I was completely in the dark as to where I was in my life at that moment. All I could do was have faith that I am protected and that everything would be ok.

The clock in the car showed 9.11 pm – I was born at 9.17 pm. I was a little disappointed because I so baldy wanted to be at the house before I turned 30, and I clearly wasn’t going to make it that far in eight minutes. Then I got distracted by contemplating the birth (metaphor – was it really a metaphor, or was I actually going through some sort of real birthing process?) I found myself in. Suddenly the road was lit again, I was out of the dark. After a few moments I thought of looking at the time. It was 9.22, and I just couldn’t help but think (or wish to believe) that I probably must have driven out of the darkness into the light at the exact moment of my birth thirty years ago.

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