Meine Woche in Bildern

Kurze Erklärung zu den Bildern am Ende des Posts.   01 Habe mir selbst ein Geschenk gemacht ... siehe Bild Nr. 29 (der Becher) 02 Das Notizbuch habe ich für eine Kreativ-Arbeit mit einer Kundin gekauft - also, ich habe natürlich zwei gekauft, eines für sie, eines für mich. :-) 03 & 04 Alles, was [...]

On Beauty

I used to have mixed feelings about beauty. Both when it came to myself but also when it came to the question of whether or not it really could be found in everything that exists on this planet. Whether or not it was OK to find it in everything. What part does perception play in the process? What is beauty anyway? Does it even matter? What do you think? Here's how I see things now.

Life | Work in progress

The original purpose of this blog was to document and share my journey as a soul-searcher. I think the main reason I haven't done that lately (apart from the fact that our internet situation is still kind of a non-situation and I haven't felt like staying at the office just so that I can spend [...]

Flower power

I have been thinking about the blog a lot lately, but the task of trying to catch up on EVERYTHING that has happened since I last posted anything has been overwhelming. So I thought I'd let this feeling grow by waiting some more. And then, today, I thought I'll just get going by not trying [...]

Boho bedroom curtains

I keep hoarding fabric - luckily, I am also still riding that wave where I keep making stuff. My most recent project: curtains for the second bedroom window. After initially worrying I might have gone too far with this one (too much going on, pattern-, color-, crochet-trimming-wise), I realized that I really do like the [...]

Boho bedroom

A friend asked me to show some pictures of our house. Since the bedroom has been my latest project, and the only one that I am not done yet happy with, I started with that. Voilà: Ok, I am starting to post cat pictures. Time to go home. In case you're wondering: yes, some of [...]