Let it grow

While we are spending more and more time dreaming about our new home, and especially the prospect of being closer to nature, we still do enjoy our balcony. Especially now that the plants are growing more and more, and you can see a change every day. … and I wonder how far they will make … Continue reading Let it grow


Recipes | Pesto fest

I am going to skip the part where I comment on the lack of postage around here … and go straight to the wonderful pesto I have made from the herbs we gathered at Törnagården. I looked up recipes online but I ended up playing it by ear for the most part. Basically, for pesto … Continue reading Recipes | Pesto fest

WWOOF | Törnagården

I'm back. It feels weird being in our apartment again after wwoofing a week on the country-side. At least it's finally green around here, too. This past week was amazing and inspiring in so many ways. Initially we had planned on staying with two, maybe three different wwoof hosts. We ended up staying at Törnagården … Continue reading WWOOF | Törnagården

Recipe – Fig smoothie

OK, there's no dancing around this: this one may look healthy but calling it tasty-looking would be a stretch. How to (makes about four servings): Soak about a cup of figs over night (it's a raw food thing: soaking everything - to get rid of toxins (seeds and nuts), or in this case just to … Continue reading Recipe – Fig smoothie

Pizza buns

It has become sort of an institiution for me to make Swedish cinnamon buns when I visit anyone in Germany. But since my friends and I are meeting for dinner tonight (yes, you guessed right, this is a scheduled post - I am on the train to Frankfurt if you're reading this right when it … Continue reading Pizza buns

Junk food – for real 2

I did make those burgers for dinner today - with homemade BBQ sauce and hamburger dressing and all. Only the ketchup and the mayonnaise in the dressing were not made from scratch, even though there were recipes for that in the Junk food book. I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me … Continue reading Junk food – for real 2

Recipe – Make your own nutella

The hazelnut chocolate cake deliciousness from earlier reminded me of one of my favorite homemade things. Homemade nutella. I came across this recipe when I got into the low-carb thing. I am not that strict about it anymore as I was then but I still use birch tree sugar.* Obviously you can use any sweetener … Continue reading Recipe – Make your own nutella

Junk Food – for real

I am not only a hoarder when it comes to thrift-stores, no, I also hoard books. Library books. I cannot praise Gothenburg's library enough - free membership, branches in every part of town, a huge selection, and, the best of all (yet also my downfall, as will soon become apparent): you can borrow a lot … Continue reading Junk Food – for real

Recipe – Angie’s Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

It is as divinely delicious as it sounds - and it's gluten-free! I'd also like to think that it has to do with Ayurveda in so far as Ayurveda is all about pursuing happiness. This cake definitely made me happy. I am spoiled when it comes to mushy chocolate cakes since I live in Sweden. … Continue reading Recipe – Angie’s Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake