Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

Let it grow

Our little oasis.

While we are spending more and more time dreaming about our new home, and especially the prospect of being closer to nature, we still do enjoy our balcony. Especially now that the plants are growing more and more, and you can see a change every day.

The nasturtium is blossoming, …
… the morning glory is spiraling its way up along the string I put up, …

… and I wonder how far they will make it until it is time for us to pack.

We’re not there yet, though, so in the meantime …

… we make the best of it. Like delicious, colorful salads.
The blossom came from our own nasturtium, the little flowery sprinkles you see are an herb mixture by Sonnentor. Love!
Even when it’s hot outside, I like to drink my „lupin latte“ – also with sprinkles from Sonnentor (Flower Power). I guess that’s what the Swedes call „Adding a gold rim to the everyday“.

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