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Lucky and unlucky compass points | Feng Shui

Compass Study by Calsidyrose

Before I go into the different kinds of houses and their respective beneficial and detrimental areas (according to the compass tradition of Feng Shui), here’s a brief overview over those lucky and unlucky directions/areas:

Lucky directions – and their main benefits

Sheng Chi (Breath Of Life) – wealth/prosperity

Tien Yi (Heavenly Doctor) – health

Nien Yen – long life, also in the sense of many descendants

Fu Wei – complete harmony

Unlucky directions – and their main problems

Ho Hai – bad luck and misfortune

Wu Kwei (Five Ghosts) – obstacles

Lui Sha (Six Killings) – loss and scandal

Chueh Ming (Disaster) – death

Here’s an article, that’s great for a brief overview, if you want to know a little more about these directions: Eight Mansions in Feng Shui.

This page about the Kua number has charts for each of the nine numbers with the respective lucky and unlucky compass points, and how to optimize the benefits and how to do „damage control“ in the harmful areas.


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