Landschaftsheilung | Fototagebuch

DE - Gestern hat das gesamte Amritabha-Team einen Ausflug gemacht. Anlass war ein Landschaftsheilungsprojekt, das Joshua angeregt und geleitet hat. Wir sind zu zwei Soldatenfriedhöfen aus dem Ersten und Zweiten Weltkrieg gefahren, sowie der Kriegsgedenkstätte La Linge. Dort haben wir mit diversen Energietechniken (Feuer, das Hass in Liebe verwandelt, schamanisches Trommeln, Feng-Shui-Zeichen-Setzen, etc.) viel Schmerz [...]

The importance of back doors | Feng Shui

Now for the houses and their lucky and unlucky areas. According to the compass school of Feng Shui, there are eight different types of houses, depending on which compass point the back door is facing. (It doesn't seem to matter, whether your house actually has a back door, it's automatically the side opposite the side [...]

Kua! Quoi?| Feng Shui

While we were up in Sundsvall, Peter found this Feng Shui book at one of the second-hand places. The discoveries we've made about "our" house (and ourselves) are just uncanny. In a good way! OK, I don't know all that much about Feng Shui, and from what I gather so far it's a rather complex [...]