Spiritual hairdresser Shakandra | Photography | Behind the scenes

Auf deutsch? Bitte nach unten scrollen. EN - Here is a little behind the scenes from the photo session with spiritual hairdresser Shakandra Weinberg and model Gaelle. I always feel that every photo session is my favorite and my best. And so I do about this one. Some might say despite the fact that the … Continue reading Spiritual hairdresser Shakandra | Photography | Behind the scenes


Here and now…ish

I am writing again. Journaling, letters, something that could turn into a novel - and here. All thanks to Julia Cameron's The Right To Write - or thanks to my friend A., who lent me TRTW? Or thanks to the book launch of another friend that made me want to write again? Or maybe thanks … Continue reading Here and now…ish

Let it grow

It has been quiet around here, I know. I think our slow internet connection at home is the main reason, but also I went through a rough patch where I didn't feel like I had anything to share here. Things have turned around faster than I could have imagined, and I am feeling inspired and … Continue reading Let it grow

What I do when I am not packing | Procrastination

We mean business. No, not the banana trade business. We mean the business that is packing so we get outta here. Now we just have to pack our stuff. We still don't know when we're going to be able to move but when you think about it, packing a little each day would make it … Continue reading What I do when I am not packing | Procrastination

The gap that allows for change to take place …

… I think that's what this thing I am in is. Here is the current state of affairs: I now have an indefinite residence permit for Sweden - yay! We'll be able to have a phone at the house - yay! We'll be able to have internet at the house - yay! The internet will … Continue reading The gap that allows for change to take place …

Let it grow

While we are spending more and more time dreaming about our new home, and especially the prospect of being closer to nature, we still do enjoy our balcony. Especially now that the plants are growing more and more, and you can see a change every day. … and I wonder how far they will make … Continue reading Let it grow

Apple trees … and worms

Ok, here it comes: I am pretty sure that we found our little corner of the world, our little farm in the prairie, the place where the heart is - you know: home. I've actually felt that way ever since we saw it, which is how it's supposed to start, right? By "saw it" I … Continue reading Apple trees … and worms

WWOOF | Törnagården

I'm back. It feels weird being in our apartment again after wwoofing a week on the country-side. At least it's finally green around here, too. This past week was amazing and inspiring in so many ways. Initially we had planned on staying with two, maybe three different wwoof hosts. We ended up staying at Törnagården … Continue reading WWOOF | Törnagården


I am beyond excited. Tomorrow we're heading out on our second (or first official) wwoofing experience. We'll be staying with Vanessa and Marcus at Törnagården. I spoke to Vanessa on the phone last weeks, and she sounds really nice. In fact, she IS really nice - she got us in touch with friends of hers … Continue reading Wwoofever

The time is now

I did it. I quit my job. On Thursday.  In a way, this was bound to happen but it was kind of out of the blue anyway since I had always imagined that I would find something I'd rather do while working.Last week I realized that that wasn't happening, and that maybe that wasn't the … Continue reading The time is now