Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Göteborg

The gap that allows for change to take place …

… I think that’s what this thing I am in is. Here is the current state of affairs:

  • I now have an indefinite residence permit for Sweden – yay!
  • We’ll be able to have a phone at the house – yay!
  • We’ll be able to have internet at the house – yay!
  • The internet will be old school, very slow, no looking at pictures, only text – meh!
  • The bank is willing to give us a loan for the house – yay! I mean, scary – loaning money – but yay!
  • I have applied for two jobs which I would be super-excited about if I got either of them. Yay! (I know „two“ doesn’t sound like a lot but I am more of a „few-but-put-a-lot-of-time-and-effort-into-them“ kind of application-writer, not the „if-I-write-200-applications-something-has-to-work-out“ type)
  • We are heading up to Sundsvall today (yes, this is a scheduled post), to spend some more time checking out the electrosmog situation in the area.
  • I am kind of freaking out right now. I think it’s the parts of me that don’t want to let go of the old, that are afraid of change, that are acting up now because they now that this is legit. It’s on! I guess I’m just gonna have to ride this one out but I am scared at the prospect of having to face this side of me. Not having any diversions like, say, the internet, will definitely do that: force me to face myself – yikes! Without ever having dared to watch Antichrist, I think it’s what I am picturing this little trip in my head right now. Only I might be both of the spouses. Although, not having any diversions like, say, the internet, will probably give Peter and I plenty room for ugly fights, too. Let’s hope these wannabe house-buyers make it till Thursday – that’s when the official safety dude that’s checking out the house is stopping by. And when we’ll set up the actual contract.

    Cloudberries – more common in the north of Sweden. We saw one at Indian-Per’s. It wasn’t this blurry, though, that’s just me doing a bad job taking pictures without flash. Sorry.

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