Indestructible | Plant life

The deal with the house has felt so right and so real the whole time to me that making the down-payment (this past Monday) doesn't even seem like that big of a milestone. The house has felt like ours the whole time. Not even the fact that we're still waiting for an appointment with a [...]

Let it grow

While we are spending more and more time dreaming about our new home, and especially the prospect of being closer to nature, we still do enjoy our balcony. Especially now that the plants are growing more and more, and you can see a change every day. … and I wonder how far they will make [...]

Jewelry | Sternenkind Creations

I did it! Just sent in an application to à la London - Gothenburg Design market. Now I better get busy making more jewelry. I'll post pix and all things related on the Sternenkind Creations page rather than as a blog post. Feedback - yes please!!! Wish me luck! Related posts: Going with the flow [...]

Junk Food – for real

I am not only a hoarder when it comes to thrift-stores, no, I also hoard books. Library books. I cannot praise Gothenburg's library enough - free membership, branches in every part of town, a huge selection, and, the best of all (yet also my downfall, as will soon become apparent): you can borrow a lot [...]

Thrift-store raid

I can never go into a thrift-store without buying a bunch of stuff. So I am equally thrilled as terrified by the fact that here in Sweden thrift-stores (called "loppis", short for "loppmarknad" = flee-market) are all over the place. I kid you not: even when you're driving on the loneliest road through the woods [...]