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Favorite places | Kretsloppsparken Alelyckan

On Tuesday we paid a visit to one of my favorite places here in Gothenburg. Yes, it is a thrift-store – but the most amazing one I’ve ever been to. They have one huge building where you can find supplies you could probably build several houses with – doors, windows, appliances, the works. Then there is a regular thrift-store with books, and clothes, furniture and all that.

The thriftstore

And then, there is the café

I want to live here!
And I want one like this! Not for sale. I asked. Figures, it would have been gone a long time ago …
I cannot stress enough how much I want to live here.
How cool is this? Just not very useful in a city where it rains so much …
This part is sort of a little boutique where they sell earrings and bags and whatnot. All handmade. And gorgeous!
I am dragging pretty much anyone who comes to visit me to this place.
Yeah, these pix aren’t from Tuesday either. …
… But although it’s a little late/early for Christmas decoration I still liked the idea.
Like, a lot.
They sell used bikes, too.
Really cool ones, too.
Took these winter-y pictures when Gesine was here in January. Like I said: I make a lot of people go here with me …

Finally some pix from Tuesday – of my purchase, that is. I almost didn’t want to go because I was afraid I would buy too much stuff. Luckily, I got away with 40 SEK (4,80€ | 6.30$).

I just couldn’t resist this enamel beauty.
Bright yellow – floweriness | Spring in my heart

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