Let it grow

It has been quiet around here, I know. I think our slow internet connection at home is the main reason, but also I went through a rough patch where I didn't feel like I had anything to share here. Things have turned around faster than I could have imagined, and I am feeling inspired and … Continue reading Let it grow


All yellow | The fall collection

Yup, it's definitely fall. I am still not used to the fact that that doesn't mean gray, rain and mud (hello Bremen, 'sup Gothenburg). Nope, here it means yellow, sun and more yellow. This is what our little corner of the world looked like yesterday:    

Exactly my cup of tea | Our little corner of the world

I love our little barn (even though it is currently being eaten up by a fungus), and the fact that it has a little terrace in front on which one can enjoy the evening sun. One has to be quick, though, I got about ten minutes of it that day (note to self: dishes can … Continue reading Exactly my cup of tea | Our little corner of the world

Apple trees … and worms

Ok, here it comes: I am pretty sure that we found our little corner of the world, our little farm in the prairie, the place where the heart is - you know: home. I've actually felt that way ever since we saw it, which is how it's supposed to start, right? By "saw it" I … Continue reading Apple trees … and worms