Project of the day | Staging Spring

I did get the balcony fixed up. Then I went to a store that as I discovered yesterday had locally grown hydrangea. So far, so spring. Then, on the way back - guess what - it started snowing. It would appear that sometimes wishful thinking isn't enough (who knew?). Since desperate times require desperate measures, … Continue reading Project of the day | Staging Spring


Project of the day | The sunny season’s living-room

Today I am going to take on balkonia, and hopefully turn this sadness into something … well, better.   Can't get so much worse, right? Here's to hoping that I'll be able to show you some after pix tonight. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Spring cleaning pt. 3

Mission completed! I did enough to be able to abandon this project, and show some after pictures that don't reveal everything I didn't do. Success! Oh yeah, and I tried out some more no poo methods which I now can recommend with a clean conscience.     I cleaned the stove according to this recipe: … Continue reading Spring cleaning pt. 3

The quitter wins

I am not ready to let the kitchen cleaning mission go yet I still don't really feel like it. Then this CRAZY idea popped into my mind: What if I just do the parts that seem easy, and see how far I get? This might sound simple to most but for someone who has been … Continue reading The quitter wins

Spring cleaning pt. 2

Although I didn't get as far as I had hoped, I still got the chance to try out some no poo cleaning techniques - and can therefore make some actual recommendations: Oil and a mix of vinegar, water and lemon (roughly equal parts) turned out to be my best cleaning friends, I didn't use much … Continue reading Spring cleaning pt. 2

Spring cleaning pt. 1

The urge to spring clean has overcome me early this year. And I am not even going to work my way up, I am going to start with the kitchen. Cleaning, and rearranging, and throwing out stuff we never use, and all that jazz. So, you probably won't hear from me the rest of the … Continue reading Spring cleaning pt. 1