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I did get the balcony fixed up. Then I went to a store that as I discovered yesterday had locally grown hydrangea. So far, so spring. Then, on the way back – guess what – it started snowing. It would appear that sometimes wishful thinking isn’t enough (who knew?).

Since desperate times require desperate measures, I resorted to what any home-story-teller who is worth their grain does anyway: I faked it. Rather: tried. As will become apparent in a moment, this is probably one of the worse attempts at staging spring. So … here goes nothing.

Yeah, that table cloth under the hydrangea is not ironed. Neither is the table-cloth on the table, which is actually a curtain. I mean, the table-cloth is actually a curtain, not the table.


I must say, those teacup candles are versatile. I need more so I can have them EVERYWHERE.


Hyacinths. Just noticed that one of them is molding a little bit. Meh.


Hello beautiful!


Or should I say: hello bluetiful?


Less elegant, more playful. You might say this balcony’s style is all over the place. I choose to call it „eclectic“.


Unless I don’t show you the picture I just showed you, and show you this instead. Doesn’t work with real life visitors, though. Unless I make them leave the balcony frequently so I can rearrange things according to what they’re going to look at next. Seems like a lot of work, though, so … probably not.


Now we’re getting somewhere with the spring feeling!


So … another picture of the same just from a slightly different angle.
And another! OK, I’m done.

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  1. Woher hast du das wunderschöne Tablett?? Ahhh! Habenwill! Sieht toll aus, alles.

    1. Von Sina und Antje mal zum Geburtstag bekommen. Ist von

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