About me


Do you want to be seen for who you truly are?

As a photographer, I mainly work with entrepreneurs who want to be visible in their uniqueness for their target group – authentic and expressive. Read more.

Of course, I am also happy to work with you as a private person if you like my style, and want great portrait pictures of yourself or those special moments in life.

If you want to be truly visible to others, you first need to know who you are.

My work as an illustrator and healer is all about turning inwards to find out exactly who you are, and where your potentials are.

As an illustrator, I mainly draw visual affirmations. They serve to recognize your potential, and also to remove the barriers that keep you from living your potential fully. Read more.

As a certified crystal healer, I guide people in their journey of self-healing, be it through physical treatments or with readings, via skype. Read more.

On my Blog I share what goes on behind the scenes of my business but also very personal insights: pictures and stories from my travels as well as my thoughts on the inner journey of life itself.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!