Change out of contentment

deutsch I read a great article (German) about how important it is to let go of the "in order to". Meaning, letting go of doing things that we think are necessary to achieve something. It's a chase for the right job / partner / city that will finally allow us to be happy / be … Continue reading Change out of contentment


Under my umbrella| When nothing’s easy

deutsch Hey you! I am slowly coming out from underneath that rock I'd withdrawn to. I came back to Germany with my head full of ideas, and I was so excited to register my business here. It was a very special day for me. And all just to undo everything a few days later, plus … Continue reading Under my umbrella| When nothing’s easy

On dreams

Four years ago around this time of year I was standing in the backyard of a friend, crying my eyes out because it was just so beautiful. She was living the country life I wanted to have for myself - house on the countryside, growing her own veggies, a pantry stuffed with dried herbs, a … Continue reading On dreams

How to play Monopoly with a chess board

Lots of epiphanies these past few days. Things that have been a great source of frustration suddenly stopped bothering me, and all that is left is a sense of peace and freedom. Talking things over has helped. Sometimes. And sometimes it helps more to press the mute button and just look at what actually is … Continue reading How to play Monopoly with a chess board

How to win the battle against yourself (and everyone you know)

I've been reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now again. It was much needed but it also sent me off right onto an emotional roller coaster. I think it's the ego feeling threatened and trying to trick you into feeding it.  And it's also the ego that's telling you "No, no, this time you'll be … Continue reading How to win the battle against yourself (and everyone you know)

Endings & beginnings … and everything in between

Aaand there's more. I think this post will just be an attempt to recap this summer so far. We celebrated the summer solstice with a bunch of friends (old ones and new ones) at our house. Since most of them came from Gothenburg and Stockholm, they stayed for several days and we had a little … Continue reading Endings & beginnings … and everything in between

Living the country life

I am back from another trip. More inspired than ever! I do apologize, though, to certain friends (Lisa, you know who you are) who worried my offline-ness might translate to "something bad happened". Note to self: in the time and age of "There is no offline, there is only away from keyboard", announce any awol … Continue reading Living the country life