• Sarines Stade

    Idea treasure chest

    I like putting down my ideas on little scraps of paper but lately there have been so many that it got kind of cluttered in my work space. So I thought that I wanted to get a pretty box for all my ideas. I came to my senses and realized that I wanted to MAKE a treasure chest for all my ideas. My ideas mean a lot to me, and I making my own treasure chest instead of just buying a pretty box is a way for me to express that appreciation. It’s self-love 101, kind of. So here’s the result:

    Alright, you got me – I just wanted to have an excuse to buy this pretty shiny tape.
    An old shoe box I found in the attic, some wrapping paper and self-adhesive ribbon. On the outside anyway …
    Did I mention that there is glitter on the wrapping paper?
    Tadah! – I love things that are kind of plain on the outside and, well, not on the inside. I used to love to make collages from pretty pictures in magazines. I guess I still do.
    And that tape. It’s awesomeness and shininess doesn’t really transpire in the pictures but hey.
     One more peek at the inside.