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Recipe – Almond milk

Like I said, this trip inspired me. A lot. Our friend eats raw food and while we were there, so did Peter and I. I found eating raw food surprisingly diversified, digestible and filling. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel like I had to eat a lot to feel full – but for me that’s kind of a mental thing I need to get over. I am probably not going to go Green for Life, although I did find the book very interesting and sensible in a lot of ways. For now, however, I do feel like trying out some of the nutritious deliciousness our friend introduced us to.

My favorite – which I had tried and failed at before – was her almond milk.

Tastes great with the lupine coffee I’ve come to love so much.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Take about two cups of almonds (makes about five cups of almond milk, less if you like it creamier), and let them soak in water over night.
  2. The next day, pour the water out, and pour boiling water over the almonds. Only let them sit for about a minute, this is just so that you can peel them more easily.
  3. Rinse the almonds.
  4. Put the almonds into a blender, add a little bit of water at first, blend.
  5. Gradually add more water until you’re satisfied with the texture.
  6. I added nothing else when I made this this morning. Our friend usually put in a banana (both for sweetness and texture), sometimes some agave syrup.

As for the health benefits and more detailed information, I unsurprisingly found something on my favorite health/food/diy blog.

After they’ve been soaking. You can tell they’re beginning to sprout by those little „tails“.
Easier to peel after you’ve put them in hot water for a minute.
Voilà: plain almond milk.
Lupine coffee + almond milk + cinnamon

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