Grie Sos, La vie en rose, New hat | Photo journal

DE - Zusammenfassung in Bildern seit, äh, der letzten Zusammenfassung in Bildern. EN - Recap in pictures of what's happened, well, since I last did a recap in pictures. Grie Sos DE - Letzte Woche war es endlich so weit: aus den Samen, die ich aus Frankfurt mitgebracht hatte, sind aller meiner Bemühungen zum trotz … Continue reading Grie Sos, La vie en rose, New hat | Photo journal


Recipes | Pesto fest

I am going to skip the part where I comment on the lack of postage around here … and go straight to the wonderful pesto I have made from the herbs we gathered at Törnagården. I looked up recipes online but I ended up playing it by ear for the most part. Basically, for pesto … Continue reading Recipes | Pesto fest

Recipe – Fig smoothie

OK, there's no dancing around this: this one may look healthy but calling it tasty-looking would be a stretch. How to (makes about four servings): Soak about a cup of figs over night (it's a raw food thing: soaking everything - to get rid of toxins (seeds and nuts), or in this case just to … Continue reading Recipe – Fig smoothie

Recipe – Almond milk

Like I said, this trip inspired me. A lot. Our friend eats raw food and while we were there, so did Peter and I. I found eating raw food surprisingly diversified, digestible and filling. That doesn't mean that I didn't feel like I had to eat a lot to feel full - but for me … Continue reading Recipe – Almond milk

Recipe | Hazelnut almond muffins

I deviate from recipes a lot. But this time I went so far (not all on purpose … unforeseen turn of events demanded improvisation!) that I think it's fair to claim I made this one up. Kind of. It started out with wanting to try to make scones but substitute the flour for ground almonds … Continue reading Recipe | Hazelnut almond muffins

Recipe – Make your own nutella

The hazelnut chocolate cake deliciousness from earlier reminded me of one of my favorite homemade things. Homemade nutella. I came across this recipe when I got into the low-carb thing. I am not that strict about it anymore as I was then but I still use birch tree sugar.* Obviously you can use any sweetener … Continue reading Recipe – Make your own nutella

Junk Food – for real

I am not only a hoarder when it comes to thrift-stores, no, I also hoard books. Library books. I cannot praise Gothenburg's library enough - free membership, branches in every part of town, a huge selection, and, the best of all (yet also my downfall, as will soon become apparent): you can borrow a lot … Continue reading Junk Food – for real

Recipe – Angie’s Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

It is as divinely delicious as it sounds - and it's gluten-free! I'd also like to think that it has to do with Ayurveda in so far as Ayurveda is all about pursuing happiness. This cake definitely made me happy. I am spoiled when it comes to mushy chocolate cakes since I live in Sweden. … Continue reading Recipe – Angie’s Flourless Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cake

No poo – tested for you

Well, ok, it wasn't a completely selfless act, I do dig these kind of diys. I have been meaning to write this post since last Wednesday (that's when I tried some recipes) but I wanted to wait till I had some pictures. As most of the times, I am not completely happy with them but … Continue reading No poo – tested for you

Ginger – my best f(r)iend

After having had the most horrible stomach aches after pretty much every meal for two weeks now, I finally seem to have found the root of all evil: my beloved ginger!? First off, yes, I am aware of the irony of me being on such a health trip, and at the same time not really … Continue reading Ginger – my best f(r)iend