Vom Wünschen und Verstehen

1:33h - Aufgewacht dank Jetlag. Normalerweise hätte ich es mir verboten, den Computer anzuschalten - macht doch nur noch wacher. Aber ich habe mir für dieses Jahr vor allem eines vorgenommen: ich möchte es mir leicht machen. So oft wie möglich. Und jetzt gerade ist es leicht, hier zu sitzen und zu schreiben, also … … Continue reading Vom Wünschen und Verstehen


Apple trees … and worms

Ok, here it comes: I am pretty sure that we found our little corner of the world, our little farm in the prairie, the place where the heart is - you know: home. I've actually felt that way ever since we saw it, which is how it's supposed to start, right? By "saw it" I … Continue reading Apple trees … and worms

Ayurveda on eating disorders

A lot has been going on. It's hard to put in words, I have been re-writing this sentence several times now. Part of me wants to tell the whole story, another part doesn't think it's relevant for anyone but me (maybe that's true, or maybe that's just the part talking that is reluctant to show … Continue reading Ayurveda on eating disorders

WWOOF | Törnagården

I'm back. It feels weird being in our apartment again after wwoofing a week on the country-side. At least it's finally green around here, too. This past week was amazing and inspiring in so many ways. Initially we had planned on staying with two, maybe three different wwoof hosts. We ended up staying at Törnagården … Continue reading WWOOF | Törnagården

The time is now

I did it. I quit my job. On Thursday.  In a way, this was bound to happen but it was kind of out of the blue anyway since I had always imagined that I would find something I'd rather do while working.Last week I realized that that wasn't happening, and that maybe that wasn't the … Continue reading The time is now

Living the country life

I am back from another trip. More inspired than ever! I do apologize, though, to certain friends (Lisa, you know who you are) who worried my offline-ness might translate to "something bad happened". Note to self: in the time and age of "There is no offline, there is only away from keyboard", announce any awol … Continue reading Living the country life

Facing our demons | Say yes

Yup. More rantage coming up. Writing yesterday's post felt liberating but it upset parts of me that are afraid of the path I've begun to walk, parts that are afraid of letting go, afraid of letting something new (= unknown) in. Parts that try to hang on to the old, no matter how destructive it … Continue reading Facing our demons | Say yes

Food fight | She’s lost control again …

I really should have written this one on Thursday, when "everything" happened but it got late, and I had to get up early on Friday (yesterday was my first day without a post - thanks, real world with money and work and stuff). As I feared, I really don't feel like writing about it anymore … Continue reading Food fight | She’s lost control again …

No poo – tested for you

Well, ok, it wasn't a completely selfless act, I do dig these kind of diys. I have been meaning to write this post since last Wednesday (that's when I tried some recipes) but I wanted to wait till I had some pictures. As most of the times, I am not completely happy with them but … Continue reading No poo – tested for you