• Sarines Stade

    Idea treasure chest

    I like putting down my ideas on little scraps of paper but lately there have been so many that it got kind of cluttered in my work space. So I thought that I wanted to get a pretty box for all my ideas. I came to my senses and realized that I wanted to MAKE a treasure chest for all my ideas. My ideas mean a lot to me, and I making my own treasure chest instead of just buying a pretty box is a way for me to express that appreciation. It’s self-love 101, kind of. So here’s the result:

    Alright, you got me – I just wanted to have an excuse to buy this pretty shiny tape.
    An old shoe box I found in the attic, some wrapping paper and self-adhesive ribbon. On the outside anyway …
    Did I mention that there is glitter on the wrapping paper?
    Tadah! – I love things that are kind of plain on the outside and, well, not on the inside. I used to love to make collages from pretty pictures in magazines. I guess I still do.
    And that tape. It’s awesomeness and shininess doesn’t really transpire in the pictures but hey.
     One more peek at the inside.
  • Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stade

    Kissenbezüge | Pillow cases

    EN – Like I said, happiness is for sharing. These are the pillow cases I made from the fabric I’ve had for ages, and which I am very happy with:

    DE – Wie gesagt, Freude ist zum teilen da. Das sind die Kissenbezüge, die ich aus den Stoffresten gemacht habe und an deren Anblick ich mich gerade so sehr erfreue:


  • Bewusst Leben,  Sarines Stöde

    Castration, crafts, and germination

    Totally not motivated to sit at office any longer on a Saturday afternoon, even less motivated after discovery that cute cat pictures still on camera, not computer. No other recent pictures, so words only. Bear with me (hate blog posts without pix, worse than posts with only cute animal pix).

    Writing about cute animals instead. Cats, ours. Minus one penis, luckily not holding a grudge – phew! Enough about cute cats.

    Officially a member of Stöde Form now (only took 6 months, not due to elaborate application process but to simple procrastination process). Working at the store/café once a week and getting lots of tips and inspiration on gardening and mushroom picking. Great stuff!

    Purchased seed starting set. Want tomatoes and peppers, need greenhouse, though. Planning on planting tomato and pepper seeds tomorrow as motivation to build greenhouse.

    There. Update in 150 words or less.