Change out of contentment

deutsch I read a great article (German) about how important it is to let go of the "in order to". Meaning, letting go of doing things that we think are necessary to achieve something. It's a chase for the right job / partner / city that will finally allow us to be happy / be … Continue reading Change out of contentment


Under my umbrella| When nothing’s easy

deutsch Hey you! I am slowly coming out from underneath that rock I'd withdrawn to. I came back to Germany with my head full of ideas, and I was so excited to register my business here. It was a very special day for me. And all just to undo everything a few days later, plus … Continue reading Under my umbrella| When nothing’s easy

Tadaah! – Get your very own personalized crystal oracle

Ok everybody, this is it - I have reached the point where I admitted to myself that spending more hours trying to create the perfect banner for my etsy shop would just be plain old procrastination. "Perfect" lives in Nevererverland, at least when it comes to looks. It's really time to allow myself to share … Continue reading Tadaah! – Get your very own personalized crystal oracle

Doing it anyway| Amritabha new moon theme: Accepting your power

Accepting your own power is this new moon cycle's theme here at Amritabha. And it's really got me going on all levels. It figures, since you can't accept your power "just a little bit". Either you're doing it or you're not. Daring to accept your power doesn't mean everything will run smoothly once you made … Continue reading Doing it anyway| Amritabha new moon theme: Accepting your power

No regrets | Half-time at Amritabha

DE - Ich habe für den Amritabha-Blog einen Artikel geschrieben, in dem ich auf die erste Hälfte (!?) meines Aufenthalts hier zurückblicke und über das Thema Schöpfung aus der eigenen Vollkommenheit schreibe. Hier geht's zum Artikel: Nichts zu bereuen - Die innere Reise von Sarine Hier die englische Version. EN - I wrote an article … Continue reading No regrets | Half-time at Amritabha

On Beauty

I used to have mixed feelings about beauty. Both when it came to myself but also when it came to the question of whether or not it really could be found in everything that exists on this planet. Whether or not it was OK to find it in everything. What part does perception play in the process? What is beauty anyway? Does it even matter? What do you think? Here's how I see things now.

On rejection and connection

ENGLISH - May was an eventful month for me externally but also emotionally. I thought I had been prepared. Since it was my last month in Sweden, I was almost planning on spending that hour I had at the central station on my last day in tears. But life is full of surprises, and the … Continue reading On rejection and connection

Lemurian Crystal Healing | Part 1

With everything that I had going on up until the last minute of my stay at my grandparents' house, I suddenly arrived in Landskrona, Sweden, realizing that I hadn't spent a single thought on the Lemurian Crystal Healing seminar. The one that I was going to participate in. Like, the next day. Usually I spend … Continue reading Lemurian Crystal Healing | Part 1

On abundance

I have been thinking about money a lot lately. Or rather: I have been observing the way I think about money, and how I handle money. Three things have triggered this sudden interest: First off, I am at my grandparents' house, and a lot of family-related issues have surfaced since my arrival, the importance of … Continue reading On abundance

On choices

As some of you know, I have lived a pretty secluded life over the past few years. House on the Swedish countryside, no internet at home, limited cell phone use, long distances to my friends and not very travel-friendly (or super travel-friendly, depending on how you look at it - pretty much every outing was … Continue reading On choices